Artistic Direction Internship

Artistic Direction Internship: This position must be available up to 25 hours per week during rehearsal/ production periods (usually lasting 4-6 weeks), and 0-3 hours per week during non-rehearsing periods. We require a minimum commitment of 3 months (during which there is typically 1-2 rehearsal/ production periods).



This position is a part-time observership with ERS’s Artistic Director, John Collins. It offers the opportunity to learn about the leadership practices of the Artistic Director. The position provides opportunities to make contacts with actors, designers, producers, and administrators. It also gives the intern full access to the artistic process in meetings, the rehearsal room, and New York production runs.


The position is ideal for theater directors interested in becoming artistic directors for ensemble companies. Applicants should be familiar with the history and the recent work of ERS, whether by having seen productions, or through academic research.

The intern must have a flexible schedule to attend rehearsals, productions, and meetings. The intern will attend all or most rehearsals during rehearsal periods, and most performances during runs of shows in New York. When we are not in a rehearsal/ production period, the intern will attend all production and staff meetings at our office. Interns with technical skills, such as video editing may also have the opportunity to participate in the creation of trailers and work samples. Interns interested in education can also assist with workshops led by the Artistic Director.


-Attend production meetings and take notes

-Attend rehearsals and assist John and the stage manager with errands and other tasks related to production needs

-Attend performances during New York runs of shows, and assist John and other staff members with backstage needs.


-Create archival videos including trailers, full-length productions and work samples

-Assist with education workshops led by Artistic Director and Associate Producer

-Conduct dramaturgical research and bring to rehearsals