Work in progress showing – Video by Eva von Schweinitz

work-in-progress showing New York City College of Technology April 2016 Work in progress showing – Photo by Paula Court

Measure for Measure

For the first time in its 25-year history, the ensemble will take on the writing of William Shakespeare. With athletic theatricality and Marx-Brothers-inspired slapstick, the ERS ensemble brings exciting new life to this story of impossible moral choices in 17th-century Vienna. Radical experiments with speed set the play’s combination of the comically absurd and the tragically serious in stark relief, and deliver a remarkable new show that marries the company’s unique performance style with the Bard’s exquisitely lyrical language.


  • Rinne Groff
  • Lindsay Hockaday
  • Maggie Hoffman
  • Mike Iveson
  • Vin Knight
  • April Matthis
  • Gavin Price
  • Greig Sargeant
  • Scott Shepherd
  • Pete Simpson
  • Susie Sokol


  • Text William Shakespeare
  • Director John Collins
  • Producer Ariana Smart Truman
  • Associate Producer Lindsay Hockaday
  • Stage Manager Maurina Lioce
  • Production Manager David Nelson
  • Set Designer Jim Findlay
  • Costume Designer Kaye Voyce
  • Lighting Designer Mark Barton
  • Lighting Designer Ryan Seelig
  • Sound Designer Gavin Price
  • Projection Designer Eva von Schweinitz
  • Specialty & Prop Designer Amanda Villalobos