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The Sound and the Fury
(April Seventh, 1928)

Originally produced in New York City by New York Theatre Workshop with the support of Dartmouth College.


In 2008, The Sound and the Fury was presented for the first time at New York Theatre Workshop, it subsequently toured to; REDCAT, Los Angeles, The Vienna Festival, Vienna, The Holland Festival, Amsterdam, and The Adelaide Festival, Australia.

The second in a trilogy of literary adaptations, this production tackles one of American literature’s most daunting challenges: the first chapter of William Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury. That chapter, known as “the Benjy Chapter,” is told from the point of view of the Compson family’s youngest son. Mute and mentally handicapped, Benjy cannot distinguish between past and present. In prose that is in turns lyrical and confounding, hilarious and tragic, he free-associates his way through his family’s troubled past and longs for his lost sister.


With the same radical commitment ERS showed in its groundbreaking staging of The Great Gatsby, the ensemble embraces Faulkner’s language and his multilayered narrative. An eerily timeless family living room is the setting for the company’s romp through this dark story. With humor, pathos, high-energy choreography and a wildly versatile ensemble, the company brings this infamous literary masterpiece to life on stage.


Support provided by REDCAT (Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater).


Hypnotic … a magical opportunity.

—Ben Brantley, The New York Times


A stunning act of literary transmutation.

—David Cote, Time Out New York


…Suffused with an innocence that one rarely glimpses in a contemporary work of art.

—Hilton Als, The New Yorker


…Sophisticated and complex…one leaves the theatre awash with vivid images…

The Advertiser, Adelaide



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  • Mike Iveson
  • Vin Knight
  • Aaron Landsman (also Pete Simpson)
  • Annie McNamara
  • April Matthis (also Autumn Knight)
  • Randolph Curtis Rand (also Jim Fletcher)
  • Greig Sargeant
  • Kate Scelsa
  • Kaneza Schaal
  • Susie Sokol
  • Victoria Vazquez (also Kristen Sieh)
  • Ben Williams


  • Created by Elevator Repair Service
  • Director John Collins
  • Assistant Director (2008) Rachel Chavkin
  • Set Designer David Zinn
  • Lighting Designer Mark Barton
  • Sound Designer Matt Tierney
  • Costume Designer Colleen Werthmann
  • Projections by Eva von Schweinitz
  • Dance Director Katherine Profeta
  • Stage Manager Sarah Hughes
  • Assistant Stage Manager (2008) Katie Farley
  • Technical Director Ben Williams
  • Production Manager Brian Garber
  • Company Manager Ariana Smart Truman